PSD to HTML / XHTML Layout designing

Many website designers prefer to create a template or design in Adobe photoshop. Once the design is complete, a PSD file is created.

This PSD file is then converted into HTML/XHTML format for developing the website. It is one of the most popular methods of developing a website as it allows you to create multiple prototypes easily.

Our professional PSD to HTML / XHTML Layout designing service

  • BPS is one of the best PSD to HTML / XHTML Layout Design service provider. We can help you convert your PSD to a perfect HTML/XHTML code.
  • We have the best team available in our arsenal who are highly efficient in converting PSD to HTML/XHTML with precise accuracy. We adhere to all the strict HTML/XHTML markup standards so that you can get started building your website in no time.
  • You are going to have a wonderful experience by hiring our PSD To HTML/XHTML service.

Advantages of PSD to HTML / XHTML Layout design

Here are the major advantages of PSD to HTML/XHTML layout design:

Tableless and clean structure:

Having a table-less structure allows you to place images on web pages much easier. On top of that, it also reduces the overall loading time of the webpage in a browser. Thus, you will gain more visibility and an increase in traffic.

Attractive web design:

Developing the website prototype in PSD format allows you to create an attractive web design. You can choose the font, colour, images, buttons and so on freely. Once you are done with the design, you can simply convert it into an HTML format and you are ready to go.

Reduces web development time:

Designing a web page in PSD format is much faster. You can then convert it into an HTML format and your web page is ready. PSD to HTML layout design helps you save a lot of time. Benefits you can get by hiring a PSD to HTML / XHTML Layout design company

Benefits you can get by hiring a PSD to HTML / XHTML Layout design company

Cross-browser compatibility:

By converting your PSD to XHTML, your web page will support multiple browsers. The PSD to XHTML design company can help you create a cross-browser supported HTML code.

W3C validation:

Having a W3C validation means that the code is properly formatted and optimized. PSD to HTML/XHTML design company can help you create W3C validated code.

SEO friendly coding:

An SEO friendly code allows your website to rank higher in the search engine results. Thus, the code needs to optimized to be SEO friendly.

PSD to HTML / XHTML Layout Design

PSD to HTML/XHTML is one of the best ways to design web pages and then convert PSD to HTML. However, instead of using any tool for converting PSD to HTML, you should hire professionals for the job.

We can help you with the conversion as we make sure to convert everything from your PSD to HTML code. Since we will write the entire HTML code manually, the code will be fully optimized for faster loading speed.

Our team of coders are skilled in the HTML language which allows them to correctly format the HTML code as per the W3C validation. If you are having a problem creating your website, we can also help with that.

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